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Фиолетовые звезды


“How is it going and what requests do I work with?

✔️What REQUESTS do I work with?
Purpose, relationships with a certain person, team, past-present-future situations, the best solutions and the best choices. Description of the person in the photo, his relationship to you, options for the development of the situation and which option is better for you to move. Any questions regarding business, work, education, health, relocation. Past lives, parallel lives, questions about deceased relatives (where is the soul now, are there any messages for you). Karmic tasks, spiritual lessons and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

✔️Online consultation takes place   via Skype. ENERGY WORK BEGINS AT THE MOMENT OF BOOKING FOR A CONSULTATION. And people feel it. Let me not advertise this during the consultation, focusing on quickly answering all questions - there is a powerful energy and spiritual process of renewal, restoration and energy charging!

That is why I try to write everyone down a few days before the consultation, and not a week or a month, as many people like, already knowing this effect. 

Questions  DO NOT need to be sent before the session, as well as photos. I look at the photo and answer   during the meeting. 

According to your day-place-time of birth, I am SENDING the necessary ASTROLOGICAL INFORMATION that will be useful to you. 

After the consultation, I inform  links to closed groups in a telegram, where I share knowledge and answer questions only with those who know me PERSONALLY.

Payment for the consultation is possible from anywhere in the world, including Russia.

See you! 🙂❤️"

Daria Orion

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