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Фиолетовые звезды

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Dear friends! Over the past few years, my materials on the Deep Cleansing of the energies of the Family have caused a great resonance among many, many have seriously and qualitatively changed their lives and received amazing results!  

Those who wish to go through the 127-day Cleansing of the Genus can get a full recording of my lecture (1 hour), during which I explain in detail how the work is done for 127 days, what processes and energies are involved, and many other nuances. Together with the entry, you will receive by e-mail all the accompanying material,  necessary for work (the text with which you will work daily and the scheme of the Family Tree).


 (if you use it),  and direct it into the right direction of the flow of energies, remove all the curvature and distortions accumulated by the Genus!  My dears!  Several years ago, I conducted a series of classes on the topic "Cleaning the Family", where I shared the technique of cleansing the energies of the Family, in which 127 ancestors (7 generations) are prayed for within 127 days. Since that time, I have received incredible responses, testimonials and a flurry of thanks from those who completed this serious work, as all have received serious and good life-changing results. This is the absolute BOMB! I will share with you a practical guide to cleansing the genus, all the energies of destructive, stagnant, accumulated by the genus. Energies that do not allow you to move forward, fetter, arrange obstacles, traffic jams on the way, and influence with their destructive, negative programs, even if we are not aware of them.  From my passage through this amazing, LIFE-CHANGING AMAZING PROCESS:  Experiences are indescribable, you literally feel how a stream of fresh powerful energy is rushing along the principle of a dam and a reservoir, if it were to be demolished It rushed in a powerful clean stream through a musty stream, carrying away stones, boulders, stagnant muddy water and reeds with this squall and a stream of power.  Who needs this practice: those who do not understand why the same types of partners are attracted (married, alcoholics, people's commissariats, tyrants and other variations on the theme) why it is impossible to build happy, harmonious relationships, who feels that they are carrying the negative low-vibration programs of their parents (relationships with money, illnesses, etc.), but in general, to everyone to everyone))) especially to those who dream of meeting their soul mate)) _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ EVERYBODY doing this practice has undergone fantastic fateful happy changes within 127 days!)  You will see this from your own experience!


This knowledge has already helped a huge number of people!!
Cost $25

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