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Фиолетовые звезды

LEGENDARY, MAGICAL COURSE in the format of video lectures and audio practices with professional voice acting. 
16 hours of serious theory and practice (8 hours of theory and 8 hours of practice).
What does the course provide?
- Powerful enhancement of energy, focus and concentration
- The ability to manifest one's will in Space and embody the desired
- Energy cleansing, getting rid of essences, larvae, depression, stress, lack of will, etc.
- Development of intuition, extrasensory perception, clairvoyance
- Enlisting support among powerful allies and forces of the earthly and cosmic plane
- The ability to live without a state of stress and energy drain
- Memories of past lives
- Obtaining such bonuses of the Force as lucid dreams, astral exits, the ability to sense astral smells, hear astral sounds, see prophetic dreams, parallel lives and many others (of course, when ready, if you yourself want it)
Video course program:
1. Introduction. Life in the Mage caste.
2. Cleaners of the lower worlds. Explanation. 
3. Cleaners of the lower worlds. Practice.
4. Cleaning through the top connection. Practice.
5. Work with the central energy channel. Explanation.
6. Work with the central energy channel. Practice.
7. Taoist circles of energies. Forward and reverse circles. Explanation.
8. Straight circle. Practice.
9. Reverse circle. Practice.
10. Balance of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
11. The art of stalking. Explanation.
12. The art of stalking. Practice.
13. Black and white dots. Match.

     The goal is to be born in the next incarnation with full memory.
14. Chakras from the focus of the path of development.
15. Work with chakras. Practice.
16. Working with a magical animal. Totem. Explanation.
17. Working with a magical animal. Practice.
18. 4 elements in Mages. Definition of your element.
19. Inclusion in your element. Practice.
20. Sephirothic model of the world. 
21. 22 defining signals.
22. Conclusion. What's next? 
Access to classes is provided indefinitely, for life.
When enrolling in a course, you are added to the closed  group and chat for students.
The cost of the video course is $150.

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