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Фиолетовые звезды

VIDEO COURSE "SEXUAL MAGIC", which helped so many!!!

Format - 20 video lectures with lifetime access to recordings plus powerful practices. 
In the course program:
1. Why do we love some and want others? Why does attraction often go to individuals far below us in development?
2. Why is celibacy suitable for some and not for others?
3. Not everyone can handle sex with a magician. Strange sexual experiences.
4. THIS person is NOT right for you.
5. Insidious Rod.
6. The limbic system is a bitch! Our WISHES are not ours at all. 
7. Demonistic contract.
8. A biorobot lives in everyone.
9. Hormonal carousel.
10. Money, sex and magic. Resource.
11. How to quickly break the connection. The energy of love spells and lapels.
12. Incubus and succubus. How to protect yourself from uninvited guests.
13. Practical part. Returning your energy from connections, eliminating addictions and sticking through SUPER-POWERFUL TECHNIQUES! This block of practices WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, FULLY INCLUDING YOU IN YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL AND RESOURCE lost in the course of various interactions. (For the practical part, allocate 2 hours of time alone, prepare a sleep mask or any material that can be used as a blindfold, 3 long thin wax candles, a glass of cold water, thread, scissors, several sheets of paper, a pen)._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
The cost of the course is $150.

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