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Фиолетовые звезды

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         ФОРМУЛА ОЧИЩЕНИЯ И ОСВОБОЖДЕНИЯ

Complete RELEASE and cleansing with LIGHT 

- destructive connections 
- and energies, 
- loss of fragments itself, 
- connecting destructive programs to their Multidimensional Essence (Monad), 
- Destructive programs of other worlds, both for this and past lives 
- Destructive programs of parallel Spaces (lives) 
- Liberation from black magic egregores
- Liberation from sects
- Release from ties with those souls with whom you want to break any ties 
- Liberation from demonic entities, low spirits, larvae.
- Liberation from the negative programs of the Sort
- Release from vows given in past lives
- Release from connection with destructive programs, entities, consciousnesses, traces of any interaction that negatively affects you in all lives, in the entire Universe, in all multidimensional spaces. 


- Liberation from the negative constantly recurring program of relationships, money.
- Liberation from blocks and barriers that prevent you from improving love luck, money luck and luck in general.
- Release from depression, fatigue, suicidal thoughts.
- Liberation from nightmares and generally bad dreams. 
- Liberation from negative emotional patterns (uncontrolled destructive  emotional, mental outbursts / reactions) 
- Liberation from many negative life circumstances
- Release from a number of blocks and return of your fragments of the multidimensional Spirit, which will lead to an improvement in appearance, an increase in energy and charisma, well-being, mood, etc.
- Elimination of the reason for blocking the communication channel with the Higher I Am

- Return of lost,  stolen or enslaved Soul fragments for this life.
- Return of lost, enslaved or stolen fragments of your Monad (eternal Spirit) 
- Claiming one's own legitimate good karma.

Once I created this formula, taking into account in writing the text all the laws that work for which creature. For many years I have been recommending this boiler formula to mind the above problems.
I share a short fragment of this formula (5% of the text):

As a Sovereign, Free, Independent, Light Cosmic Spirit, I proclaim my right as a Sovereign, Free, Independent, Light Cosmic Spirit to complete freedom from all energies that are not Light!
I return and proclaim my right of the Sovereign, Free, Light Cosmic Spirit to complete freedom from all contracts for this and past lives that do not correspond to the Light, from all oaths, vows, obligations that do not correspond to the Light!
As a Sovereign, Free Light Independent Cosmic Spirit, I remember and affirm my right to complete independence from magical egregors, orders, schools, sects, churches, monasteries, cults, etc. etc.!
As a Sovereign, Free Independent, Cosmic Light Spirit, I remember my right, affirm and proclaim complete independence from all dark people with whom I was connected, complete freedom from their dark magical influences, break all ties that are not Light!
I realize my negative karma and mistakes that created the opportunity to cling to me this darkness and understand that I should not repeat myself in order to be in lighter vibrations and, as a result, a more favorable Reality. 

Getting rid of negative entities, for general use, and also when you are attacked and forcefully remove entities:

“In the name of the Mighty Presence of I AM God, now I ask for all negative energies, thought forms and entities (in case you ask to be freed  not yourself, but another  person, add the words "associated with this person") leave. I forgive, bless and release you into the Light. ...etc 

More in theory how it works at the link

At the energy level, you are eternal and infinite...

When the Energy of Light is invited by you, all of your crumpled emotions are aligned, all of the distorted psychic energies are straightened out, and all of your energy vibrations are optimally raised and ringing with comfortable music of joy and peace.

And then you exhale with relief any stress and any fear.
After all, the Light is a relief.
After all, Light is salvation.
Light and Love is transformation.
Without this life-giving energy, the soul gets tired and languishes, like a flower without moisture and light.
And you are this spiritual, delicate flower... it's just that this technocratic world has rather confused you.

The strangest thing that a person does in his life is to look sullenly down at his material feet, dragging his existence heavily - when in fact he could turn his majestic gaze upward with admiration, claiming his will, solemnly translating his creative acts into reality. ..
A part of the cosmos that does not recognize itself as an extension of the cosmos - that's what is most strange in people ...

Shine with your mind.
Sparkle your soul.
Sparkle in spirit.
At the energy level, you are eternal and infinite...
Is this not a reason for real happiness and true joy!

Cost $25

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